Crash when using AstarPath.Active.Scan() in Andorid System

A* Pathfinding Project work very well in Unity and Android simulator. It doesn’t have any problem.
But when I run the project in Android phone,it crash. I find that crash only occur when I using AstarPath.Active.Scan().
And it doesn’t happen every time.
I test the project in other mechane and this problem happens too.
I have on idea how to fixed this problem.


See Graph scan crashes the app on Android
As far as I know, it is a Unity bug related to IL2CPP. Unfortunately there is not much I can do. You can change the collision testing mode from Capsule to e.g Sphere to work around the issue.

Hi Aron
It is the same issue that happened to ilix! Now I changed the collision testing mode to Sphere like you say. And it doesn’t crash any more!
This problem tortured me for three days,and I had tried so many methods to fix it but still not working.
Thank you very much!Now I can continue my project thanks to you.

Great that the fix worked!

It would be awesome if you could also submit a bug report to Unity so that this bug can be fixed in the future. More users reporting the bug will hopefully make them move it higher up on the priority list.