Couldn't find a close node to the start point


I have created a Grid Graph just to quickly test out the system. I have placed two game objects in the scene (Agent and Target). Agent has the RichAI component on it and its target is set to the “Target” GameObject. The “Agent” object is placed in an area that should be walkable (in fact, I haven’t made any areas unwalkable yet), and is above the ground.

The RichAI is set to “Repeatedly Search Paths” (for testing). However, when I hit play, the console is spammed with “Couldn’t find a close node to the start point”. This also happened with a Recast Graph too - which is what I really wanted to test out, but I switched to Grid in case I was doing something wrong with recast.

What could cause this problem? Any tips on how to debug?


Further to this, it seems to be related to the “Scan on Awake” setting. If I have this enabled, it will find a path - but if I disable it, it won’t - despite me hitting Scan manually first to generate the graph (and the graph looks fine when I do this). Is there something else I’m missing that I need to do after scanning to make it “stick” and not have to be regenerated each time I hit play? I’d rather not require it be rescanned each time I hit play.

The graph is not serialized in the Unity scene by default. You can generate a cache under the Save & Load tab to avoid scanning the graph when the graph starts (note that you will have to regenerate it if you change any settings).