A* Pathfinding Project

Compliation error on 4.1.20


Hi Aron,

I got several errors from NodeLink2, NodeLink3,
because 4.1.20 doesn’t have the reference of pointGraph on AstarData script.

and also, I got an error from RVONavmesh line 97.
which is one of GraphUtilities.GetContours(…) methods removed from GraphUtilities script.



Are you using the free or pro version? Is this the normal beta? Not the spherical or path rework beta?


I’m using the Pro version.
I don’t know this is the normal beta or spherical/path rework beta though…

This is the changelog I saw and I thought it might be good to upgrade.


Ah. Looks like my build script uploaded an old package due to another error. I have fixed that now and re-uploaded it. Thanks for making me aware of this!


Oh then, What I’ve downloaded is a old version?
Do I need to download the latest one again for 4.1.20?


Yeah. I have uploaded a new version (version number 4.1.21).