Check point for reachable

Hi, is there a way to learn a point whether is in navmesh or not?

If you’re using a GridGraph you can use GetNode() to request a node and then check to see if it’s null. Or if you’ve got a couple of nodes and want to know if a path between them is possible you can use PathUtilities.IsPathPossible(fromNode, toNode)

And lastly there’s GetNearest() which is available on all graph types: Then you can use the (Vector3) node.position to see if the nearest node is at an acceptable position:

Vector3 desiredPosition = new Vector3(x, y, z);
Vector3 actualPosition = (Vector3);
if (Vector3.Distance(desiredPosition, actualPosition) <= someAcceptableRange) {
   // Node was close enough, do stuff here
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Thank you for asnwering.

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