Character is weaving on the path instead of stayign directly on it

This is what my skeleton character is doing. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I’d think that this character wouldn’t be interpolating over the line like it is and just make a directly bee-line for the next node waypoint.

Why is this happening and how can I stop it?

I think what’s happening is the skeleton is moving past the waypoint because of its momentum. Is there a built in way for that to not happen or should I do something when an entity hits a waypoint. Maybe set their velocity to zero?


If you want your agent to follow the path precisely without any deviation, then you should use the AILerp movement script.

If you want smoother movement, increase the pick next waypoint distance field on your AIPath component.

Thanks for your response Aron!

I added this and the behavior as far as following waypoints works as I’d expect but the RVOSimulator doesn’t work anymore. Skeletons all get on top of each other.

Yes, so if you use the AILerp component, it will, as I mentioned, follow the path precisely without any deviation. This includes deviation from e.g. local avoidance.