Can't use imported models as obstacles?

Hi Aron. Let me preface this by saying I’m not a game dev, and I’ve only started playing with Unity in the last couple of days.

Is there a way to use imported 3ds models as obstacles? I’ve created a pseudo city, with buildings of various dimensions, heights, and designs, but my model isn’t being recognized as obstacles-the capsule just paths right through them. Following the tutorial at

I can get everything working if I generate gameobjects and use them as obstacles, but I have a city with 100 or so buildings, and I don’t really want to have to rebuild it all with cubes. Is there anything I can do?


Grid graphs need to use Unity physics to detect obstacles.
I would suggest that you add box colliders (or possibly a mesh collider) to those houses.

A recast graph can use mesh information directly. However the recast graph is only available in the pro version.

Thanks for the quick reply. Trying to add meshes to the model didn’t end up working, but I managed to work around the problem by importing the original .max file and letting Unity build colliders automatically.

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