Can't set width\height more than 1024 with node size 1


I have a map with size 6000x6000 and i want add 3 type of grid graph (based on slope), and when i try to set size of graph it’s limit it to 1024x1024 with node size 1(it’s important). So what i must to do to have pathfinding on this map?

Also, is there any crowd example of pathfinding or rvo?



The size is clamped to 10241024 because large grid graphs will use a very large amount of memory.
For a 6000
6000 graph, even just storing the node classes without anything in them (C# has a small overhead per class) would use 430 megabytes. And of course it does need to store some information for every node.

Do you really need a graph that is that large?

I’m afraid yes, may be not so large, but larger than 1024x1024.


Well, if you really need a grid graph that large, I am afraid you will need to build a custom pathfinding solution. Because even storing a few bytes per node will use up huge amounts of memory.

What is the use case for this?
Would it be possible to use a moving grid graph (see the Procedural example scene).
Would it be possible to use a recast graph instead?