Cannot stop AIBase from teleporting agent in OnEnable

It appears when a RichAI agent is enabled, Init() is called which in turn calls Teleport(). Teleport() ignores canMove and always teleports at the beginning. I do see that it checks a bool named updatePosition but this is not exposed in the editor (public but not serialized) and never seems be changed anywhere.

All my agents final movements are handled manually. I am spawning my agents off mesh and some kinematic animation to get them started towards the mesh. The current behavior causes a quick jump back and forth at the beginning.

I am wondering if you would be able to expose updatePosition in AIBase or to have Teleport check canMove?


Thank you for the report.
I have fixed this in my dev version now. The Init function will now only call Teleport if canMove is also true.
This fix will be included in the next beta update.