Cannot find MecanimBridge anywhere in 5.06

I am trying to figure this package out.

I want to use the nav agent with my character controller that uses root motion

I’ve read that I am suppose to use MecanimBridge.

I have the 5.06 version installed and I cannot find MecanimBridge anywhere . It does not exist.

This is very frustrating.


That particular script is part of the example scenes. So you’ll need to import the samples for the package into your project.

I can see the example scene in file explorer but not in Unity. I can’t figure out how to install these bloody things

Check the installation guide. It has screenshots and everything.

I see I didn’t know they added a new section to the package manager.

Wow, this is pretty awesome it just worked. Got some kinks to work out but it appears they are on my end.

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