Cannot disable/enable RVOController component at runtime - Version 4.3.10

Disabling/enabling RVOController components on active agents during runtime causes major problems. New crowd density functions start erroring out, other misc. errors.

I need this to work for two reasons. One I could work around but the other I cannot:

  1. It would be nice to be able to turn off RVO on an agent at some points during runtime. I could work around this by setting max agents to 0 and changing the layers but not ideal.

  2. Some of my agents with RVOController are in a permanent pool and others are directly in the scene. I instantiate my game manager (one time only on first scene loaded) which contains the pool and the RVO Simulator. The pooled agents work fine and I can transition between scenes without issue. However, any RVO agents directly in the scene cause it to break as they cannot find the RVO Simulator right away (first scene loaded). I could move the RVO simulator to each scene but then my pooled agents are broken. My thought was to have any scene agents RVOController disabled at the beginning. Then after, Start or some time I would enable the RVOController.


If this is still a case for you, I have figured it out: How to disable RVO in 4.3.15?