[bug?] Rich AI is Shaking Strangely when chasing the player

I need to know how I can fix this.
Here are two links to video showing my problem :

As you can see, my AI are shaking when they get close to the player. Here are the params of the RichAI (on a Recast Graph)

If you need infos on the Recast Graph :

If you need any other infos let me know!

Any idea of how to fix this??

Are you using any local avoidance?

Yes I am!

This is the settings of the RVO Controller on the AI. There is also an RVO controller on the player to make AI avoid the player in their calculation.


Is local avoidance unstable or something?


Ah. So what is happening here is that your agent tries to move towards the player, but since it uses local avoidance it will try to avoid the player. Since you are constantly telling it to move towards the player regardless of where the agent is it may become uncertain about which side to avoid the player on, which results in this shaking.
Iā€™d recommend that you put the player on a separate rvo layer and then remove the collides with option for that layer when you want to chase it.

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