Beta - richAI + RVO controller agents stop moving

I have the same setup on all agents, RichAI and RVO Controller both added at runtime so they are using all default settings for now.

Some of my agents stop moving. No idea why and it isn’t consistent. Other agents keep moving around fine.

I can get them to move again by disabling the RVO controller even though they aren’t near other agents. Or by unchecking Stop when destination is crowded on RichAI.
If I enable the RVO controller again they agent stops moving again.

Picture of a stopped agent:

If that behaviour is expected then I’m questioning why the agent stops so far from their destination, and/or is there a way to have that behaviour engage when they are closer to their destination? I would think they get as close as they can then stop, not detecting overcrowding from 100m away, if that’s what is happening.


Are you getting any log messages related to this?
Does it happen in the example scenes?