BETA: IsPathPossible fails on x2 game speed

I’m using PathUtilities.IsPathPossible(node1, node2) to check if my enemies have a path to their target.
This seems to work fine until I go to x2 game speed, then that check starts failing sometimes even when enemies clearly still have a clear path to target.

Is there a way to make the path check while having the game speed increased? Or what else might be causing the path check to fail on higher game speeds?

Any other issues I should know about when trying to increase game speed?

It’s a tower defense game so x2 game speed is sort of expected. The rest of the pathing seems fine so far.


IsPathPossible should not be affected by game speed at all.
I suspect there’s something else going on. Are you sure all relevant graph updates are applied in time? (if you are doing graph updates).

I believe so. There are graph updates happening, but even with or without them the paths are plenty wide enough so shouldn’t be failing.

Would there be some conflict of isPathPossible failing because it is called while a graph update is happening even when the path won’t be broken?

I think I need to add some way to visualize the graph at runtime to make sure there is a valid path. Is there an easy way (or any way) to visual the navmesh in a build like you get in the editor?

As the system is designed, this should be fine. I’ve taken great care to ensure this should be the case. However, there is always the possibility of bugs (especially since I have made a lot of changes to these systems recently).

Does the issue not happen in the editor at all?