Best world-streaming asset to use with A* PP?

Hello all.

I’m looking into the best way to combine world streaming with A*. Noticed this, which was quite helpful.

My main question is, to those who have actually used A* PP extensively - are there any world streaming assets on Unity that would be set up to best integrate with this out of the box? I’m seeking a way to cut down on coding time where possible, and will probably be using something like Sectr to handle the ability to stream the game world for my clients.



Currently there is no built in solution for this.
Depending on your game you might be able to use the ProceduralGridMover script though. Take a look at the example scene called “Procedural”, it shows pathfinding in an infinite and procedurally generated world. This works well if the region you need to use pathfinding in is just a relatively small region around the player. As the region gets larger it starts to be too costly in terms of performance. It is very easy to set up however, so coding time is minimal.

Gotcha. Thanks for the info Aron. :slight_smile: