Before buying A* Pathfinding, i have a question

Hello all!

I am interested in this AI, but i have a question before i know if it makes sense to buy it for me.

If i have a player, chased by the AI and the player is running over a falling platform, to rescue himself to the other side, what is the AI doing? Does the AI “know” there is a new hole in the ground?
In my game i also want to implement some traps, so the environment can change a bit.
I would like if the AI follows the player or is idle, that the enemy dont fall of a platform or in the case explained before.

So what happens in this case with the A* Pathfinding AI (in a 3D game)?
Oh and another question, do i need to use a Unity navmesh?

Thank you.


The graphs can be updated during runtime, see A* Pathfinding Project. So if that platform falls, then you can update the graph around it to make the AI aware of the changes.

No, this package creates its own navmeshes. You probably want to use a grid graph, but it’s hard to say for sure.