A* Pathfinding Project

Basic Boat AI - how?



we have a map made of Cubes.
They are between 0.1 and 3.5 high.
At 2.0 is the Water surface, so seeker (boat) goes at this hight.

We use Grid Graph but not get it done go do a graph the makes a walkable area everywhere, where the cubes are lower as 2.0. We also tried multiple graphs but in that case seeker does not switch between them (we setup up at seeker script oc).

Think this can’t be to hard and I think we miss something. Has anyone a hint?



If you set the Grid Graph’s y coordinate to 2.0 it will not create walkable nodes below this level.


Hello, yeah we did that, but need exactly the opposite. Everything below walkable, everything above not


Ah. I see. I guess you could move the grid down then and set the Height/Length parameter in the grid graph’s height testing settings to just the right length so that the raycasts start at y=2.0.


Looks way better now :+1: Will we go on testing, thanks!