Argument 1: cannot convert from 'Pathfinding.NavmeshBase' to 'Pathfinding.IRaycastableGraph'

so i’ve been working with the free version 2.16 for a while and i’ve changed some scripts within the project to fit my needs

i bought the full version not too long ago for mainly RichAI and i’ve been trying to import it into the old project, the main thing i’m running into is when i try to import “RichPath” i get this error:

if (funnelSimplification) {
				// "graph" is considered a "NaveMesh" and looking back at the script, it should be.
				// BUT importiing the full solution over, it works fine and considered as a "IRaycastableGraph"
				SimplifyPath(graph, nodes, start, end, tmp, exactStart, exactEnd);


i did delete the rest of the “if” to not leak any part of the code


for anyone wondering, what you need to fix this erro is in “NavmeshBase.cs”

i would like to help more but i don’t want to leak any part of the code