Any way to visualize the gizmos in build?

Has anyone done this/can point me in the right direction? I can use linerenderer to draw a line between the bot and its destination, but its a straight line, and I really like the look of the gizmos. I don’t know enough to be able to do it any other way, so I’m hoping I’m not the only one who likes it enough to try to get it working. Any suggestions?

You could try using the vector path of the calculated path and in OnRenderImage or a similar render callback (atleast one of the similar ones works, not sure which) use GL.Begin(GL.Lines) and loop GL.Vertex3() from point to point to draw the lines until GL.End(). The only drawback is that the lines are 1 pixel wide. Or you could buy Vectrosity; when i looked for something like you this was recommended everywhere.

Yeah, Vectrosity is generally the way to go if you want to render lines in Unity (I still wonder why they have that functionality in the editor but not in the game).

Thanks Aron, Polymo. I’ve looked into vectrosity, and while it looks like it’d work perfectly, I’m only fiddling with/learning how to use Unity. Can’t really justify spending the money on an asset I’m not going to use more than once.

Thanks though, you answered my question perfectly.