All optimization parameters gone!

After updating to 3.6 A* Pathfinding Project Pro all settings of optimization gone.
Can anyone to say , where is it .


All of them???

I will take a look at it.
I did change the system a bit in 3.6 so that only the relevant defines show up, possibly my package build script have removed some necessary information.

I did some digging into this and found that OptimizationHandler::GetAstarPath is using my /Plugins/ folder as the location to search for .cs files to read and apply the Optimization pre-processors to.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that I do have Javascript enabled, my AstarPathfindingProject code is not stored in the Plugins folder.

My workaround was to force GetAstarPath() to always returnApplication.dataPath + "/AstarPathfindingProject"

Not sure now if I actually have my project directories setup incorrectly, but this allowed me to tweak the optimization settings.