AIPath with RVO: Agents don't avoid each other

Hello! I use AIPath with local avoidance and have a problem.

Agents don’t try to avoid each other :frowning_with_open_mouth:

I have no collisions/obstacles. Just trying to reach the player with AIPath + Local Avoidance.

Here is a video of my issue:

Version 4.2.18.

What can I do to solve it?

That looks strange. Are you sure there are no other scripts moving the agents? The bottom-most spider has space to move forwards, so it really should be doing that for example.

Thank you for the response!

Yeah, this video had some problems on my part, when I fixed everything, it started looking better.
Still not super ideal (aiming for that Warcraft-like behaviour with instant acceleration/slowdown, locking when not moving, but still no hiccups with agents slowing down each other. Maybe will be able to achieve it with tweaking something even more).


Yeah, the local avoidance system does not use the same motion model as warcraft-like games, so achieving that behavior might be a bit tricky.

I see, anyways, the library is modular enough to be customized if needed :slight_smile:

One last question, is there any Github to contribute?

Have a small change, which might be very useful for 2.5D: being able to set startPathOffset for AIPath and other movement scripts.

2.5D is, despite being 2D, kinda a bit like 3D and we usually need to add offsets to start position, so that pathfinding is calculated “from the feet”, which isn’t always the center of the 2d sprite.

Was going to implement this locally, but then thought it might be useful for others as well.