AIPath get stuck after I called AIPath.SetPath() while he's moving

I’ve checked the “Constrain Inside Graph”, The graph is being updating while the aiPath is moving, who sometimes will stop moving if his next grid node is non-walkable. After I notice this situation I called the SetPath for him thus he can search a new path for destination.
Most of times it works well until today I find an AIPath is still getting stuck after SetPath(), though the path is calculated successfully. below is the picture of AIPath, the Remaining distance is Infinity and in the scene this AIPath did not draw the green line to his destination.

If no green line is drawn, I would guess that the path is not calculated correctly.
Can you double check that?

Below it is the code I used for recalculate path.

Path path = ABPath.Construct(aiPath.GetFeetPosition(), Position);

This problem is not easy to reproduce, checked the code I think you are right the path did not get calculated successfully at all. The only reason I can think out for explaining the problem is the aiPath.pathPending is always return true for more than 1 minute while other AIPaths are working well.