Ai walking through colliders

I have been testing a few things and one issue I am finding is that if I have a 1x1x1 cube and scan the node will be blocked as expected. At runtime if I change the size of the cube collider to something like 2x2x2 and DONT rescan, the AI will just walk through the collider like it wasn’t there.

At first I thought this might be normal because the node is not blocked. However, I loaded up the Example 3 scene that has the bot and changed the collider size of one of the blocks that create the stairs and DIDNT rescan. I expected the AI to walk through or fall through the stairs but the collider stopped it.

I would like to find how to have the same effect where the path can say its clear but and objects with colliders will still prevent the AI object from going through. Any ideas on why mine ignore the colliders?


Sounds like it might have something to do with your physics settings.
You will also need something like a CharacterController on your character, not just a pure Transform.