Agents Stuck? or wrong path finding? I'm doing something wrong?

So I’m not sure what is going on maybe there is something wrong with the pathfinding or I am doing something wrong.
The problem is when I have a line of agents behind each other and other agent tries to go across that line, he gets stuck on the line of agents the image below should explain a lot. Here are the settings I’m using, First I’m using the a Navmesh graph

I also have the RVO Simulator and RVO Navmesh

And on my agent I have the seeker component, AIPath, RVO controller, Funnel modifier and, radius modifier.

Some agents have slightly different speeds.

This image should explain a lot about the problem.

Expected / Wanted behaviour.

Agents in black reached their destination (target) and waiting for their next target to be set.

What can I do about that? Can anyone help? I know solution 2 can be hard and it would be awesome if possible, but I’m sure solution 1 is easy and it must be possible, but how?

Thanks in advance,


That’s odd. I would expect “Wanted Behaviour 1” to happen. You don’t happen to have “Lock When Not Moving” enabled on some agents?
In case nothing else works, what you can do is to dynamically decrease the ‘priority’ setting for agents in the line (if you have some way of detecting them).

Thank you very much, it appeared that I had the agents in line with higher priority than agents still walking. I just increased the priority of the agent going to the target and everything worked just fine

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