Agent is drawn to the corner of the node at start of game

I am using a grid graph for my RTS even though it is a free movement game. I have noticed my agent always turns right or left for no reason the first time he is told to move even if the point is straight forward. I set my soldier to x 9.5 because it was the exact center of the screen. But it is also the exact center of a node. Apparently the soldier (using FollowerEntity) does not feel comfortable starting a walk unless he is at the corner of a node. I tested it on my other scene. The puzzling part is all subsequent commands took the shortest path. But at the beginning he needs to be at a corner to start.


Do you have a video of this? Preferably with the debug drawing options enabled on the FollowerEntity.

I can get a video for you. The debug drawing options are not working in my project for some reason I already tried to use them. How can I send a video to you?

Finished the video. Not sure how to get it to you.

I know its the corner because when I start at the corner they don’t do it and they only move about half a unit.

I noticed another odd detail just now. I put the team leader at x9.5 and z9.5 when I hit play he was at x9.5 and z9. All the units were set to a x.5 and z.5 and all of them teleported to either a x.5 z0 or x0 z.5

You don’t have Gizmos enabled in your scene view. That’s why they don’t show up.

So was that video good enough or do you need the debug drawing?