Adding static objects onto recast mesh at runtime

As part of my project I want the user to be able to specify a json input script which contains the positions of certain key objects/buildings which will be static after being placed

Is there an easy/quick way to do this. I have been trying to use GraphUpdateObject and then updating the graphs but not having any luck and even one object is taking nearly 2 minutes


Do these objects cover a sizable fraction of the world? If so, it might be faster to use AstarPath.Scan instead.

What kind of resolution of the graph are you using? 2 minutes is a long time.

In the beta version, recast graph updates are also faster.

Compared to the size of the world they are insignificant. I am using the bounds to call but it does not seem to be making any changes

Do the objects show up in the navmesh if you scan the graph manually in the inspector?

Yeah it works fine if i do it that way

Are you sure the bounding boxes are correct?

Double checked the collider I was using for the bounds. Because I was repositioning the object and then trying to update the graph, the collider hadn’t had time to update.

Fixed now, thanks!

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