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About RaycastGraph Connection Problem

Hi Everyone,
My PathFinder has collected multiple RaycastGraph which have different tile/cell size, but each of them is independent unless you connect them together. Is there anyway to combine those different raycastGraph together as a whole one? NodeLink is not good enough because it would create a fixed transition point from one graph to another.

Besided that, I’ve used Rasterize Terrain and Rasterize Colliders to scan, the raycastGraph result seems to keep the inside parts of terrain, is there any way to remove those parts?


It is not possible to connect multiple recast graphs across their borders at the moment. I would strongly recommend using a single graph.

I’m not quite sure what you mean, but if it is what I think it is: It simplifies the graph quite a lot and may ignore the y coordinate a lot. You can reduce the tile size to force it to account for the Y coordinate a bit more.