A* vs Unity navmesh performance

Hi, I’m struggling to find a good comparison between performance on the 2 different solutions.

I have used your asset before so I know it’s features, but I am more worried about performance.

My scenario:
I am making a city management game with some RTS aspects. Currently I use Unity navmesh and modify it at runtime (carve every time I place a building). It works fine but I did some stress-testing and the more I carve the slower it is.

I looked over your asset and thought the grid-graph might be more suitable for my game. However I don’t really want to swap systems without knowing if it will actually improve performance.

Is there somewhere I can see some type of comparison between some different use cases?


There is no benchmark scene for this. But you may do a simple test yourself by just creating a large graph and throwing a bunch of navmesh cuts in there.

If you only use navmesh cutting for buildings in an RTS I do not think performance will be a problem because

  1. The cuts do not move
  2. The number of buildings in a typical rts is not that large
  3. They are typically spread out. Navmesh cutting in this package is handled per tile, so if you place a building somewhere then only the tiles that building occupies will be recalculated.