A* Pathfinding not compatible with PUN?

I tried to setup a project with PUN Free and A* Pathfinding and I get 58 Errors from A* saying:

<mostly every A* scrip>: error: HelpURL' is ambiguous betweenHelpURL’ and HelpURLAttribute'. Use either@HelpURL’ or `HelpURLAttribute’

Is A* not compatible with PUN Multiplayer?


I have not used PUN-free personally, so I cannot say.
That error seems to indicate that there are multiple definitions of the HelpURL class however.
There shouldn’t be any definitions of it because it is a Unity built-in class. Search through the codebase and make sure it is not defined anywhere.

Thanks I found it

#if UNITY_5_0 || !UNITY_5
/// <summary>Empty implementation of the upcoming HelpURL of Unity 5.1. This one is only for compatibility of attributes.</summary>
/// <remarks>http://feedback.unity3d.com/suggestions/override-component-documentation-slash-help-link</remarks>
public class HelpURL : Attribute
    public HelpURL(string url)

seems like PUN doesnt handle that correct for Unity 2017

Ah. That must be it. If you are using a higher version you can simply remove everything inside that #if.

My apologies for resurrecting this post, however I recently had the same issue with UFPS. The above post doesn’t say which file that was in. So what I’m bringing to this table is which file its present in for UFPS.
It can be found in Photon Unity Networking/Plugins/PhotonNetwork/PhotonClasses.cs

They use a stripped down version of PUN for their MP component, but I strongly suspect unless Photon removed it themselves the same issue is still present, and will happen again anytime new packages that referance a HelpURL are imported.

And also I can confirm what @aron_granberg is saying is 100% , removing that, fixes the issue. Keep this in mind as well for any older packages that use ‘@HelpURL’ as well that will cause a similar issue. Just drop the ‘@’ sign

I’m happy to link to my UFPS MP bug report if anyone requests. But as this is the A* forum I’ll not link to another product :slight_smile: unless requested to do so.