4.3.48 [BUG] - Issue with RichAI/RVOController after velocity is affected

I’ve discovered an issue in Version 4.3.48 when using a RichAI and RVOController and the velocity (could be other properties too) are changed.

I experienced it first when my AI would bump into each other and suddenly pathing stopped working.

If after it stops working, I disable the RVOController in the editor, the AI will once again start pathing.

I’ve confirmed that in previous versions this worked fine and I’ve created a test scene so you can reproduce.

  1. Load an empty project with 4.3.48, then import the scene and .cs file from the .unitypackage
  2. Open the TestBug scene and hit run
  3. The agent will path to random spots, creating a new path when it reaches the end of the last
  4. Press ‘b’ to modify the RVOControllers velocity (bump it backwards)
  5. When the agent reaches the end of it’s next path, it’ll stop dead.
  6. If you disable the RVOController, you’ll see it continue on to the next path.

This one is causing me some grief as my characters randomly stop when their velocity is adjusted (due to a hit back) or if they bump into each other.

I couldn’t upload here, so I’ve put it on dropbox at: AStarBug.unitypackage

You just saved me a lot of time! I am currently implementing swapping between direct control and click to move, and thought there was something wrong with my code. But I removed the direct control line that sets the RVO velocity and now it works properly!


Thanks! I managed to reproduce it, and yeah, this was a bug. I’ve fixed this locally now, and the fix will be included in the next 4.3 beta.

Great, looking forward to the update!

When will the next update be available? If it won’t be for a while, is it possible for me to patch my local copy?

@aron_granberg I really need the fix for this, will there be an update soon, or could you post a patch I can apply locally?


I am not able to release an update just yet, but here are the two diffs that are required:

No worries, thanks for providing the diffs!