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4.3.37 Rich Ai units are lazy

with stop on crowded on and 0.9 density - half of units can start to move after 1sec +
in 4.3.36 all ok with the same units

Thank you for reporting this. I will look into it. I think I know what the issue might be.

plz give some love to this issue). first video is how unit crowd move on 4.3.36 version/(perfect) next versions till 4.4.43 units lazy to start when stopped/ so they dont move in one pack/

All units use Aidestination setter with the same obgect as a target. I tried to play with settings even update each frame and 1 density in “stop when crowded” but no sucsess .

it was some changes in stop when crowded after 4.3.36 maybe thats the reason but i dont know.