2d Tags / Penalties

I seem to be having an issue with tags. In a simple 2d space I have a GraphUpdateScene apply a penalty to a small area, the ai seems to just ignore the tags even when marked as unwalkable as well. Is there anything in particular i need to do to make the tag system work in the 2d space? I also cannot seem to make the tags visible under any setting configuration. Its worth mentioning i looked at the penalties example which in a 3d space and seems to work just fine, as one robot avoids the tagged area that is restricted while the other goes through it. But i also cannot see the tagged area in the 3d version even when using graph coloring to tags or areas even.


Make sure your GraphUpdateScene component has a bounding box that is not completely 2D. The bounding box must have a non-zero depth, otherwise it will never overlap the actual nodes (which are still 3D space objects).

That is odd though. It should show up as a differently colored region…