2D RVO Questions

Hello there, I purchased the PRO version about a year ago, however I never got around to using the 2D RVO so I’d like to ask :

  • which version has the RVO for 2D ?
  • what classes are used for the 2D RVO ?
  • do you have any suggestions for multiplayer ? this will be an RTS game, I also have PUN Pro.
  • can Aron create an example in the library in the future for 2D RVO ?


  1. The beta version (see download page)
  2. The exact same classes as are used for the non-2D RVO.
  3. I do not have much experience with multiplayer I am afraid, so I don’t think I would be the best person to give advice about that.
  4. I have a very simple demo scene in my dev version right now, if you want I can share a preview version with you.

Hi Aron, Thanks a million !

Yes, I’d strongly appreciate if you could share the simple demo scene, just a basic build would be more than I could ask for :slight_smile: . Please feel free to email me.