2D composite collider: prevent walkable nodes inside of collider

Hi Aron,

In my game the player is allowed to click anywhere on the screen, this world space position vector sets the “Pathfinding.AIPath.destination”. Now I’d like to prevent the user from clicking inside of a collider, to prevent the character from walking close to the collider, never reaching its destination, thus endlessly continuing to walk on the spot, instead of stopping.

With the bool “AstarPath.GetNearest(destinationPosition, NNConstraint.None).node.Walkable;” I can test if the destination position is inside a collider or not, however I’m finding that with a 2D Composite Collider, only the outline of the collider is marked as “non-walkable”.
Is there a way of completely marking the inside of a collider as “not walkable”?
I tried increasing the “Collision Testing > Diameter”, but that also results in the “non-walkable” nodes expanding away from the collider, meaning the player can’t even get close to the collision surface anymore.

The following picture depicts the collision/walkable nodes:

And here is the outline of the Composite Collider 2D, I marked the area inside of the collider which I’d like to be “non-walkable”.

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Seems that switching the Composite Collider 2D’s “Geometry Type” to “Polygons” solved my problem for now!!!

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