2 agents with RVO Controller move to each other

I have two RVO agents which should move to each other. All in all they are trying to occupy the same node. Which leads them to spin around a desired node. I can use End Reach Distance and When close to destination = stop. But I have one more problem. My agents are in grid field and I want them move to each other and stop in the center of the node (Start and End modifiers are set to Node Center (Snap to Node)). So when I use End Reach distance they stop not in the middle of the node.
I was trying calculate the path and then remove last node form the path and set destination to a new path which has -1 or something like that.

Is there an approach how I can handle a desired behaviour? Agents move to each other and stop in nodes next to each other and they are centered to the node they occupy.

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If you don’t have an answer for me please tell me so that I don’t wait. I understand that perhaps it is not trivial. And al posts on this form are answered.
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Waiting for the answer. Thanks

Bump. I could make use of something like this as well.


Sorry for the (super) late answer.
The beta version has a solution for this. It’s exposed as an option called “Stop when Destination is Crowded” on the AIPath/RichAI scripts. It will continuously measure the density of agents around its destination, and stop if it thinks it cannot make much more progress.

This will not prevent them from trying to move to the same node though. So they will most likely not end up at node centers. For that you will want to assign them different destinations altogether.

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