Where did the public return value of pathPending go?


I just updated and have a few dozen errors now with things such as pathPending, maxSpeed, SetPath, and others failing. Is there a document somewhere that tells me how to upgrade since functionality was changed? Really wish this stuff was backwards compatible.



None of those properties and methods have been removed, are you sure there isn’t something else causing issues?


“Type AIPath' does not contain a definition forpathPending’ and no extension method pathPending' of typeAIPath’ could be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?”

maxSpeed is now speed it appears as well. I was a few updates back if that matters?


It should definitely be there, here are the docs for it even https://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/aipath.html#pathPending. Which version are you using? Do you think you can try to re-import the package?
The AIPath script has a maxSpeed property, it has not been changed to ‘speed’.


I downloaded the update via the popup window. PathfindingProject_Pro_WebsiteDownload-5, date of today. Can you check what you have on the website? I just looked at the AIPath code and its called speed, not maxSpeed.


You know what… I just checked and the folder was downloaded today but the unity package is from 2017 that is in the folder…


Oh… looks like you have both 3.x and 4 on the same page… doh!