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Unit don't go around locked RVO unit



I’m working on a RTS.

Here is video of my problem: https://gyazo.com/20a3b5a6940e3cc80061002f774e8013

Unit don’t go around unit who are RVO locked = true.

I use the last package (pro), recast graph, rvo simulator (30fps), RVO controller (agent time horizon at 0.5, max neighbours at 20), Rich AI and seeker.

This problem seems obvious, that is the same when I try to surround one unit. I know that I can push unit if they are not locked, but that is a simplification of my problem when unit fight (they are locked) and when playing online (enemy is locked).


I have test the version of RTS BETA, I don’t understand if that is a different version of this one or just one more example 18 (SC2). When unit surround another one , they all go on the same direction instead of split. That is quite uggly with 20 vs 20 (melee unit). I have an acceptable version but still little buggy that isn’t playable for me. That is why I upgrade to the last package.

Grid or navmesh ? On the documentation I read that we have to use grid for RTS, but the example 18 use navmesh, I’m not sure what is the best idea.



I answered a bit more in your other thread: RTS Unit can handle limit of navmesh

The avoidance in the RTS beta has some additional tweaks however to make agents actually move around locked agents. This does at the moment not take into account the edge of the navmesh however, so they may just run into that instead and be unable to move past it.

I think this is just due to coincidence. The one side happened to be slightly closer to the target. Maybe you could order all agents to move towards the enemy + a very small random offset. I think that would make them pick sides a bit more randomly.

Looking at your video, that does not look like the rts demo though. In the rts demo the agents should avoid locked agents at least a bit better than that. Was the video taking when using the rts demo?
Below is a video of what I get when making agents try to move past locked agents


What is “RTS beta” and how do I get access to it? Is there special documentation for it?


If you have buy the plugin (pro version). On the download page of this website , at the bottom you have Show older version. There is a RTS version with a specific documentation yes.