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[SOLVED] 2D RVO issue: too far from the path


Here where I got with the 2D RVO… any hint about solving the issue in the video?



No suggestions to force agents on the path? Really?


I am looking into this for my game. Will keep you updated if I find a solution.


Hi guys,

I feel a tad idiot… I overlooked the value of “Pick Next Waypoint Dist”… n00b mistake :slight_smile: Here the video with that set at 0.32, still have to fine tune it and fine tune the path and the wave, but the 2D RVO works just fine… BTW Aron: time to move it into the official version?


Wow! This worked wonders for me! Looks like I got 2D RVO in my game now! Thanks for this!



In the current beta version the RVO system does not consider unwalkable nodes in the grid graph as obstacles, it will only take other agents into account. In my dev version it does not take the grid into account even in the RVO system (albeit with pretty bad performance for large graphs at the moment).

The Pick Next Waypoint Distance variable is also good to adjust if you want the characters to follow the path more closely or less closely.