RVOController.rotationSpeed deprecated?


Howdy, my question is a simple one. How come rotationspeed was deprecated, it looks like there is no replacement? Couldn’t this lead to a disparity between rvo simulation results and the actual unit, if it’s rotation isn’t the same as whatever predetermined value rvo uses?



rotationspeed was from the time when the RVOController also moved the agent itself. The rotation speed was actually not used by the rvo simulation. In fact the RVO algorithm does not care about the orientation of the agent, only its velocity, and it assumes that the agents can change its velocity to any value in a single frame.
The rotation speed has been deprecated because the RVOController no longer moves the agent by itself. Making the RVOController responsible for movement turned out to be a really bad decision, because if you were using another movement script such as AIPath, you suddenly had two scripts which both were responsible for movement, and that made things really confusing.