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Opposite of penalty


I want NPCs to try and follow roads as much as possible in my game. However roads in my game can be added/moved/removed by the player. Meaning I cant just set a certain penalty on areas that are not roads.

What Iā€™m wondering is, is there some way to create an effect that is the opposite of penalty? i.e makes it MORE likely for the NPC to walk there, then I could put this on the road prefab and problem solved :slight_smile:



To achieve that effect what you do is that you add a penalty to every other part of the world.
Conveniently there is an option in the graph settings for an initial penalty. You can use that and then use a GraphUpdateScene component (or some other kind of graph update) to apply a negative penalty. Alternatively you could in the Seeker component change the default tag (tag 0) to have a high penalty, and then apply a tag to your roads that has a penalty of zero. This will result in a penalty of zero on the roads and a higher penalty everywhere else.

This will slow down path searches a bit because it will need to search more nodes to ensure that it can account for the faster travel on roads.