A* Pathfinding Project

Error generating graphs


Hello, I have some errors in my console:

I’m trying to do a navmesh graph in a spherical mesh

First time it worked, but I accidentally delete the asset. Tried to reimport again in a new project and this problem came again.



Do you think you can post the exact line which is throwing the error?
Have you made any modifications to the package?
Which version are you using?



Yes this is it:
It says it’s obsolete.

Enum enumNew = EditorGUI.EnumMaskField(position, label, targetEnum);

And no, I haven’t.

I’m using 4.1.19



Are you sure that’s where the exception comes from? Because that code isn’t called when generating the graphs as far as I know. That’s some editor code.


Oh, I was wrong, sorry
It was this bit: