ABPath unpredictable behaviour


Hi Aron,

I encounter with a problem in NavMesh ABPath, specifically when I apply the modifier FunnelModifier (https://gyazo.com/14ab4df16481b7ef1b26aeec95254915, sory for small examplex but for new users available <= 2 links). When the target node borders the previous and constitute an obtuse angle with it, the path looks wrong
(although when driving the bot is pressed against the border and not beyond the node, but it doesn’t search the path its movement ai).Then I tried RichPath and there are no such problems, it works correctly.

Then I used the old version (before 4.1.8 Pro). Then I downloaded the Pro version 4.1.8 and began to understand why it works there and dont new. It turned out that the code Funnel.cs at line 125 in one version, the condition i < part.endIndex, in the other i < part.endIndex - 1.
When I removed in old version -1 - path is found correctly (for example https://gyazo.com/4b54c5918023e9befa6f3e867557c7bd) in all test situations that didnt work before. This is a mistake of the comment and the code has been fixed, because in comments it is written “(except the last one)” and prev version is contain bug?

If Im have pro version better use RichPath? RichPath equal ABPath with integrated FunnelModifier or it`s more complex decision?


So… You are saying you found a bug, and then found out that it has been fixed in the beta?
Generally the RichAI script will be able to follow paths a bit better on navmesh/recast graphs compared to the AIPath script because it was specifically written for navmeshes. If you can use it I would suggest that you do use it.