XPath unusable?

Hey Aron,

So I am fiddling around with the XPath stuff, but as soon as I #define FALSE to enable the XPath, it spits out some errors:

mostly they revolve around the use of a variable that doesn’t exist:

currentR.node.Open (runData,currentR, hTarget,this);
//any nodes left to search?
if (runData.open.numberOfItems <= 1) {
	Error ();
	LogError ("No open points, whole area searched");
//Select the node with the lowest F score and remove it from the open list
currentR = runData.open.Remove ();

the error I receive is that ‘runData’ doesn’t exist, but also, GraphNode.Open doesn’t take 4 variables.

Yeah, I really should have fixed that one a long time ago.
Good news is that I am right now going through a lot of old scripts and documentation and updating them to work. So I will make sure to fix that script.

runData was renamed to pathHandler and instead of using the open variable directly, there are some other methods in it like “pathHandler.HeapEmpty()” instead of “runData.open.numberOfItems <= 1” and pathHandler.PopNode() instead of runData.open.Remove().

Awesome, will you post here when the XPath file is ready? Would love to use this to do some ranged attack searching.

Edit: In the meantime - i will add your edits and see if i can get it working

Here is my updated XPath file: http://pastebin.com/PqLT0AeK
This file is also required: http://pastebin.com/ECjFkWB0
I think it should be correct this time.

The pastes expire in a week.

The variable in ABPath “hasEndPoint” has no setter now, which causes bugs in other classes like RandomPath. Can i just go back to the old definition of the variable:

protected bool hasEndPoint = true;

Or should I add a setter?

Ah. Right I changed that as well.
You should add

protected override bool hasEndPoint { get { return true; } }

(or false) to the relevant classes. I used a field previously but that was a bit odd. It really should have been a property all along.