Why do AIPath and RichAI use a transform as target?


I am trying to get started with A* navigation. Our software calculates a final target for each agent (around 60 probably) and i am in the process of selecting which AI algorithm to use. As I have access to pro I was considering richAI, but it does not expose features to plan paths using a vector.
I do not really fancy creating 60 empty transforms as targets. So if I want to use Vector3 data as target data is RichAI the right AI to use, or should I rather invest time to write my own AI? Should I interface directly with seeker? Or should I rather override the UpdatePath function?

Freek Jan

They are using transforms as targets because of simplicity so that user’s can get started quickly. If you want to change that it’s easy to just swap out that particular line of the code (or override the relevant methods in your own class).

Hi Aron,

Thanks for the quick reply. Thats really helpful!

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