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When will the 2D Experimental URP renderer be supported?

I am using the experimental 2D URP renderer, and it is CRUCIAL for me because of the new lighting options it provides.

However, both ALINE (for the crucial rendering of gizmos in-game) and A*PP (for debugging in the editor, at least in the beta version) don’t seem to support it. Is there any news of when Unity might add support for this so that I can act accordingly?

@aron_granberg any chance I could get an answer to this? Just to know how to proceed with my development based on the state of Aline URP support.


It seems like URP 12.0 might support the required features. Unfortunately I cannot develop support for it right now because some other changes in Unity 2021.2a (required for URP 12.0) caused a lot of my code to break, and it’s kinda tricky to work around (forum post: Feel free to ping me later so I don’t forget about it.

I’ve been tracking the progress and it seems like a fix is in review HERE

As a side question, does this mean ALINE won’t support URP on Unity versions below 2021? I’m currently using 2020 LTR and I’m in desperate need of ALINE to draw gizmos in-game.


It probably won’t support the 2D URP renderer below Unity 2021. URP 12 seemed to require Unity 2021, and I also need the bugfix for that jobs issue.

I dont see graphs in editor. 2021.2.1f1 URP 12.1.0. beta 4.3.47

but they work properly in game and visible with built in render

is it known issue or maybe its just for me ?

Do you use any non-standard URP settings? Any post-processing effects or anything like that?

i use clean 3d urp and i dont touch default settings / and just after enter unity without any asset i get this draw mesh errors screen2
maybe this somehow related
after install A*pathfinding asset i only get error about native collection but then its gone


just inform. sometimes it works sometimes not/ i cant catch the reason /probably its something in unity itself/ unity not allways show transform gizmos for camera for example or to prefabs/ maybe i too early switch to 2021 / i will use 2019