Weird Recast Graph Generation

I’ve been having very strange issues with generating Recast Graphs in this tile set. I chose to use colliders rather than meshes because the generation with those ground tiles with the holes in them was really bizarre. It seems to be ignoring some colliders as seen in the attached picture. I’ve tried tweaking every value I can think of and nothing seems to help.

While I’m here I may as well ask about the Max Edge Length adjustment because no matter what I do with it I get the same exact graphs in any scene.


Hm… No idea what that could be caused by…
What version are you using?
I know some older version of the system rasterized triggers as well as colliders, maybe you have a trigger there?

There is no other invisible meshes or anything around that point?

The max edge length setting will subdivide edges along the graph boundary if they are too long, this is more useful for outdoor environments where some triangles can get really huge otherwise and huge triangles next to small triangles can cause suboptimal paths to be generated sometimes.