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Weird Boxes shows up whenever Scanned

Whenever I hit “Scan”, there’re 3 suspisous boxes shown up as screenshot.

What are these boxes and what are they for?

If I hit scan repeatedly, those boxes will stay where they are. But if I change s.t like add another obstacle and hit scan, those boxes will move to different places.

Using Unity 2019.4LTS, Astar 4.3.28 (however this did appear in many older version too)

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That looks very strange. Are you sure there are no colliders around that could cause these?
Do you recall if they appeared in the non-beta version too?

They are not Colliders since if I change anything in PathFinder and hit Scan, they will move to another places (but still within bound).


  1. I don’t know about non-beta version since my project followed beta quite some time ago.
  2. Those bounds seem not do anything significant (or anything at all) to my notice. At least I haven’t test if they intervene with paths.

I thought these might be something obvious. Apparently not. Will try to test 2. then.


Sorry for the late answer. I have been away for some time.
I have not been able to replicate this. Would it be possible for you to share a small example scene with me that allows me to replicate this issue?