Visualize the tag of a node

I’ve added the graph update scene component to a bunch of objects via script to mark certain nodes with tag. How can I see if tag is updated in scene view ? I tried changing Path Log Mode around and I tried setting Path Debug Mode to Tags. But it doesn’t seem to change anything ?


Setting Path Debug Mode to Tags will color the nodes according to their tag, each tag will receive a different color. The default tag is 0, which will be shown as a black/grey color.

I can see unwalkable nodes as red. But that’s it. I don’t see any other nodes marked.

Make sure Gizmos -> Show 3D Gizmos (unity setting) is disabled, this can cause the graph to hide beneath the ground.

Make sure A* Inspector -> Show Graphs is enabled.

Other than that, not sure what could be causing it, screenshot?

I just updated it and it started working as it should ! Should have tried that first. Sorry !