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Unnatural displacement when changing route

Hello, why when the agent changes route does it make such a bad displacement?
I have added a raycastmodifier to my agent and have tried all the qualities (low, medium etc …), I have disabled and enabled the agent rotation and neither of the 2 cases influences, I have also added the funnelmodifier component and it does nothing either , I can’t smooth that turn when it changes routes.
In the video you can see how moving the agent in another direction makes a very unnatural change of position, here I attach the video and a drawing so that it is better understood.


Do you know if this is due to the path being incorrect or if the agent has momentum and continues for a bit before it can move back to the path?

Hi, I don’t know what you mean by this (the agent has momentum).
The path is correct, I just do this to move the agent: = newDestination;
this.MyCustomAIPath.SearchPath ();
I’ve tried changing the heuristic types of the map, but it doesn’t improve this either.
I don’t know what else I can look at …