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Unable to modify beta package source code

Hi, I’m attempting to modify RVOQuadtreeBurst.QueryAreaRec in the beta version of the package to return the index of the agents it finds in the area (or some other info I can use to identify the agents). But with the package manager reverting every change I make, it has not been possible.

I tried backing up the package folder. Uninstalling it from the package manager and then moving the backup to the asset folder, but then I get namespace errors, i.e.: It sees Pathfinding but not Pathfinding.RVO. It’s like the package is only partially found, although all the files are in there. Not sure how to deal with this.

Any idea?



See Unity - Manual: Embedded dependencies

If you are using .asmdef files you may need to add the A* Pathfinding Project as an explicit dependency to your .asmdef files.

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