The plug-in seems unable to solve the problem of not being able to walk in places without ground?

I am very frustrated that I cannot use the A * plugin in 2D games to solve the problem of not being able to walk in areas without a “TileMap”. When using the “Procedural Graph Mover”, enemies will be pushed outside the detection range edge (even if there are already collision objects around)

In this case, the enemy will continue to wander outside the TileMap

I want to know how to use this plugin to prevent walking in places without TileMap I believe it must have this feature, but I have been searching for documents for many days and still cannot find them

I hope someone can help me


The grid graph currently doesn’t have this feature. But the recast graph does.
You could write a custom grid graph rule to get it working for the grid graph, I suppose, but if you want it working out of the box, I recommend trying out the recast graph. Specifically, this is the “Background Traversability” option in the recast graph settings.